Re:birth 2017 s/s collection

Psyclist 2017 s/s new collections [Re:birth]



Psyclist is a cycling apparel brand started from Republic of Korea, a.k.a. South Korea.
Year of 2017 S/S collection contains a story of Korean traditional folk paintings.
The theme “Re:birth” reveals the beauty of Korean folk painting by Psyclist’s own happy & fun mood.




Each of 9 collections has their own story.
We would like to introduce that story through this blog.
Since most of the folk paintings were painted by unknown artist without formal education, It shows ordinary lifestyles and customs.
We want to express the beauty of the Orient and express its creative designs through Re:birth an unstructured painting.




Each of 9 collections has their own story.
Flowers, birds, fish, and animals in folk painting symbolize prosperity, family happiness, wealthy, and longevity.



From now on, We want to share the meaning of the jersey kit through this blog.
So you can feel the how that we’ve had when we prepared our new collections.