PSYCLIST is a cycling apparel brand made by people who love cycling. We support cyclists all over the world, regardless of the type, speed, or distance of their rides – knowing that the brotherhood of cycling is what is most important. For us, our two happiest moments are when we cycle, and when we design. Our greatest hope is that you feel the same joy when you wear our apparel.

Living by the motto of “EAT, RIDE, LOVE,” we endeavor to find great pleasure in even small things, to truly enjoy the company of our friends and partners, and to forever keep the memory of these experiences. These are not only the goals of PSYCLIST, but the very reason for its existence.


PSYCLIST was born out of the desire to keep cycling so we could eat as much delicious food as much as we want and to visit great restaurants without the stress of gaining weight. Sometimes, this is the No. 1 reason we keep pedaling.

PSYCLIST works to maintain mutual encouragement of riders around the world. As riders ourselves, we know how hard it can be to avoid giving in to pain, weak legs, or burning lungs. Our goal is to share the amazing experience that is the ‘Riders high’.

PSYCLIST is here to spread good vibes through every culture. We want to help improve the global cycling community while becoming a brand beyond apparel; creating a happier and healthier cycling atmosphere in every country on earth.

PSYCLIST won’t accept anything less than satisfying our customers with the highest-quality products and we’re confident our customers’ satisfaction will allow us to continue expanding and upgrading our company.