Psyclist is a cycling apparel brand made by people those who love cycling.
There are 2 most happiest moments in our lives; one is when we cycle, the other is when we design.
We hope you can also feel our joy when you wear our lines.

To support the life of EAT, RIDE, LOVE,
To make big happiness from small things,
To experience each other naturally,
And to keep those experiences,
These are what Psyclist pursue, and very reason for its existence.


PSYCLIST cheers for cyclists all over the world.
We cycle to eat delicious food as much as we want, to go decent restaurant without any stress of gaining weight.
Sometimes it is the No. 1 reason why we are keeping pedaling.

PSYCLIST will encourage you.
We cannot stop pedaling in spite of our thigh pain, and horrible lung pain.
We support the riders who want to share ‘Riders-high’.

PSYCLIST wants to spread good vibes and new cultures together.
We want to create a global Psyclist community.
And also will become a brand beyond apparel, and leading a new cycling vibe, keep challenging various fields.
We would like to satisfy our customers by high quality products.
This will allow us to expand and upgrade our excellence.